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Sofia Santiago PhD
President & CEO

Hello there!

Welcome to our site.


We're a diverse team of dynamic, fun instructors, training developers and executive coaches. We specialize in designing, developing and delivering:

  • The most engaging and effective Train the Trainer and Train the Virtual Trainer workshops out there

  • Off-the-shelf work-skill courses (such as leadership, communication, and DEI)

  • Instructor-led or self-paced courses created just for you

  • Coaching solutions for individuals and teams

We are great at moving training from a static, dull state to an engaging, vibrant journey that proves training—when done right—improves learners’ work performance.

We are with you all the way—from where you are in the beginning to where you want to be in the end. 

This we promise.


We defeated the villains that kill learning, and won the National Defense Industry Association's--

a Hispanic-Owned,
Small Business
Located in Texas

What we can do for you
as a Director of Training
or L&D Manager/Coordinator

We can provide you with top-notch instructional services and precious intel to help you do your job with fewer headaches, shining all the while. And . . . you will know exactly WHAT you need to provide your leaders, staff and instructors so they can become truly effective at what they do. 

Our goal is to be that trusted authority who gives you a clear way to increase the value your team, and thus also you, bring to your organization. We hope to save you time, money, stress, and the frustration our clients with responsibilities similar to yours were suffering before Pathways started collaborating with them.

We will bring a team of professionals, the best of the best, and share best practices, resources, and insider secrets so that you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of leading a cutting-edge training department and get your due credit for being a fearless and capable innovator who settles for nothing but the best.

Train the [Virtual] Trainer Workshops
Customized Off-the-Shelf Work Skill Courses
(Face-to-Face or Virtual)
Holistic Training & Coaching Solutions Crafted Just for You
Executive Individual and Team Coaching (Onboarding, transition...)
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National Training and Simulation Association

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National Defense Industry Association

We can help you identify, battle and defeat the infamous villains who are attacking your instructors and students, killing their motivation and learning.

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