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About Our CEO

Dr. Sofia Santiago

Dr. Sofia Santiago is known as a speaker and trainer for her fun, engaging and dynamic style; Sofia is an expert in virtual instruction who has devised proprietary methodologies to increase the speed and efficiency of instructional creation teams.

As an expert and award-winning author in communication and conflict management, Sofia--best known as Dr. Sofia--has coached thousands of women from all walks of life, and given them the tools they need to confidently think in color, manage their emotions, become more likable, and navigate

difficult conversations, set boundaries, speak up, ask for what they want--and get it!

After finishing in HEC Paris the MBA she started in Mexico City, Dr. Sofia completed her master’s degree in Intercultural Relations and her PhD in Business Ethics in the U.S. 


Sofia has made her mission to empower individuals to co-create and sustain work environments where respect, thoughtfulness, consideration, and doing‑the-right-thing are the norm.

Over the past 15 years, Sofia has specialized in delivering relevant and engaging workshops (face-to-face or virtually) in the areas of leadership development, communication, conflict management/negotiation, D&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), harassment and emotional intelligence skills.

For more than 20 years, Sofia has been leading teams of instructional designers, project managers, instructors, graphic designers, experts in gamification, writers and coaches (in Mexico City first and later in the U.S.), with an exemplary record of delivering top-notch instructional products and services always on time, within budget, and within or exceeding client’s expectations. Always is not a word that’s said lightly, but in this case, it is the right word—always. (Read some testimonials here.)

Over the years, Sofia has built a reputation such that clients know that when they need help developing tailored products that will WOW! learners, the one to call is Sofia. She will assemble a team of creative, enthusiastic and brilliant professionals who will do what no one else does (from role playing fun characters to bringing storytelling to live, to playing with music, to using props to create energetic learning experiences).

Sofia’s team will apply the latest research in appreciative inquiry, instructional design, brain science, visual communication, adult learning theory, behavioral economics, team coaching and much more to create truly unique, engaging, effective and FUN, memorable learning and development journeys.

After completing her graduate studies in business, instructional design, and intercultural relations, and just to liven things up a bit, Sofia became a professor of Economics, a Certified Gamification Professional, a Prosci-Certified Change Management Professional, and a PMI-Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). She is currently working on her certification as an Executive Coach by the International Coaching Federation and as an Improv Theatre Performer. And you got it . . . like most boomers, she is a workaholic who doesn't sleep much.  But she does find time to relax, which usually means curling up on the couch with a business book and a big chocolate bar because, hey, a woman has needs.

Sofia currently lives in Plano, Texas with a dumb dog she calls "Dumb Dog,” but whose real name is Kevin.

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