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Executive Individual or Team Coaching

The coaching sessions we conduct with your leaders and staff (in person or remotely) include an individually tailored mix of several types of coaching (described below) with a specialized coach, to empower them to transform themselves and their organization.

Appreciative Inquiry and Coaching

Our coaching sessions are guided by appreciative inquiry principles.

In a nutshell, this means the focus is on opportunity rather than scarcity,

and your leaders will be lead and empowered to be curious, find what’s working

and keep looking for possibilities.

We do not advocate for traditional models that concentrate solely on stating problems and finding solutions, because a limited focus on what’s wrong or broken tends to emphasize and amplify those issues. Rather, we view organizations as organic and synergetic, and focus on teaching and empowering our clients’ leadership and staff to identify what works and then build on those strengths at the individual, team and organizational level. This approach allows personnel to walk away from their coaching sessions with a sense of commitment, confidence and affirmation that they have been successful, grounded in real experience and history, and ready to transfer their learning to the job.

Young Businesswomen
On the Train
Private Meeting
Looking Out of a Skyscaper
Group Discussion
Work late

Leadership development and performance are critical to your mission

Your organization needs a truly qualified firm with a successful track record in both needs analysis and appreciative inquiry, and design and implementation of tailor-made performance improvement interventions (to include individual and group coaching, and face-to-face and virtual instruction) for senior leaders and middle managers.

We can fill that need. We believe we are a great fit and an exceptional choice, and we look forward to partnering with you.


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